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Self Publishing Consultation

Self publishing consultation is designed to support potential authors with creating their own business and self publishing their own work.  This consultation includes discussion and support in;

  • business planning (entity set up - LLC, Corp, Sole)
  • Tax ID and Banking Set Up
  • Editing Services (independent or with Common Sense)
  • Publishing Options
  • Graphic Design
  • ISBN and Copyright
  • Pricing  and Marketing

Manuscript Editing

Editing for your manuscript is crucial to having a refined, polished product.  Common Sense is available to edit your manuscript.  Editing options vary and cost will be determined by length of manuscript and type of editing requested.

Manuscript Evaluation

  • Editor will determine the level of editing and have feedback.  A sample of the manuscript will be edited.

Basic Copy Editing 

  • Spelling
  • Punctuation
  • Grammar
  • Edit recommendation
  • Consistency and Flow

Premium editing

  • Basic Copyediting PLUS
  • Organization and structure
  • Mechanics
  • Editor recommendation to improve manuscript and writing development
  • Source formatting 


Common Sense Publishing 

Publishing with Common Sense provides a streamlined process with publishing your manuscript.  Common Sense will provide support with the following;

  • Editing of Manuscript
  • Cover Design
  • ISBN and Copyright
  • Pricing
  • Marketing Manuscript