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Dr. Pearson is the Founder and Lead Consultant of Common Sense Learning, LLC, a company dedicated to transforming educators. Common Sense Learning, LLC strives to develop leaders to become culturally responsive and knowledgeable in social and instructional behaviors and practices that promote equitable, organizational learning and enrichment for all. Common Sense Learning provides research based, practical strategies and methods that empower individuals to establish standards of diversity awareness and behaviors within their sphere of influence.

Common Sense Learning, LLC offers three areas of professional training for organizational leaders aligned to Seven Common Sense Training Principles:

1.       Know Who You Are
2.       Know Who You Serve
3.       Know How to Be Accepted
4.       Know How To Navigate Rejection
5.       Know How To Be Humble
6.       Know When To Leave
7.       Know Your Impact

New Leader Training and Development

Focus Area 1:      Self-Awareness and Serving Others

Training Module 1 focuses on building self-awareness of leaders regarding personal values systems and biases and its impact on their leadership style and decisions.  This module will also provide strategies for new leaders as they secure strategies to develop relationships with their organizational community.

Focus Area 2:      Developing School and Community Systems

Training Module 2 provides specific strategies and activities needed to begin creating a climate and culture of collaboration, trust and high expectations.  Specifically, this module reviews planning and implementing school systems and procedures needed for an effective school.

Focus Area 3:      Instructional Capacity, Strategies and Practices

Training Module 3 provides specific instructional strategies and activities to be accessed in an effort to provide culturally relevant and equitable learning for all students.  Researched based, curricular and instructional practices with an equity focus will be the theme of this module.

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